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The time has finally come for smartphones to hand over the baton to eyetops. With their no-nonsense hands-free approach to everyday tasks and internet access, the only barrier left is that of social acceptance. It will be a case of why have you not upgraded? So from there, the next and most important decision will be: who do I go with? At the moment, Google Glass is the forerunner, but rest assured that the rest of the playground is busy making their products & related ecosystems - yes - ecosystems!These ecosystems will consist of some hardware but because of the unique content delivery of these devices, a large proportion will be software - APPS!

  1. Why not just keep to smartphones
  2. What is the expected time of arrival of eyetops?
  3. Will they be android-based?
  4. I have prescription lenses so what about me?
So far, Google Glass is the dominant force in this emerging technology and has a promotional video for the world to watch and think about how eyetops will work for them. There will be many more to follow.

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eyetops.com seeks to be the natural focal point for this exciting and progressive technology, allowing both users and manufacturers the opportunity to be realistic and transparent about their needs and capabilities and to arrive at a balanced position



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A_History_Of_Wearable_Technology ImageA History Of Wearable Technology

There has always been instances for converting technology to something that one can wear - here are a few examples so far

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Think of all the monitors and screens brightly burning across the world and imagine a day when an ultra-low-power alternative replaces them for good.

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The latest ideas and actual offerings from the manufacturers.


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This site's creation and its subsequent changes are based upon an original idea that eyetops from laptops from desktops (from floortops!)

We would like to think that this idea will travel fast within the tech community and are preparing for embrace or shun, but either way, these devices are coming fast and their presence will be ubiquitous so for those who would suggest that the world does not need an invasion of cyborgs, please register your interest at the relevant group's site & perhaps think about how else was it going to pan out?